Everyone knows that water is essential for life. But what many residents from Anoka to Stillwater are not aware that the same water we need to live is also the cause of more damage to homes across the country than any other catastrophe. So homeowners are excited to learn more about the DROP water management system. Not only does it monitor your home for water leaks, but it can also address issues like water softening, water purification, and water conservation. To integrate the devices needed to manage all of the water and fixtures in your home, you will need a DROP Hub.

The Job Of The DROP Hub

Each home or commercial property needs to have one hub that acts as the brain of each water management system. This single hub can control and monitor hundreds of DROP devices and provide remote access and monitoring capabilities. The function of the hub relies on DROP Link, which is a low-frequency mesh style radio. The platform allows all the devices to communicate via the DROP app on your mobile device or a local Wi-Fi for remote functions. In addition, the hub's connection to your local Wi-Fi means that you do not need to worry about connecting dozens of other DROP devices to the network as they all operate via the hub's connection.

The Hub's Capability And Power Requirements

When you purchase the DROP hub, it comes with one DROP remote for even more capability and flexibility of operation. You decide how you would like your DROP system to communicate with you. The choices include email, text, or push messages regarding your DROP water softener, pumps, flow meters, or water conservation devices. All you need to provide is 120 volt AC power for the hub. Also, all DROP products have a 9-volt battery backup to continue functioning in the event of a power loss.

Never Worry About Leaks Again

Everyone has taken a much-needed vacation, only to find themselves worrying about the potential of water leaks in their home. You wonder if all the faucets were shut off and are all the water lines and fixtures remain water tight while you are away. It can take a lot of relaxation and enjoyment from a trip designed to reduce your stress. However, the DROP system can accommodate up to 32 leak detectors throughout your home to constantly monitor for water leaks and eliminate your worries.

You can place DROP leak detectors under sinks, behind toilets, and near a water heater or washing machine to alert you of any leaks. In addition, these devices will monitor the temperature and shut off the water to your home if there is a potential of freezing, a priceless tool in the Minnesota region. All you need is a DROP hub and the devices of your choice to get started monitoring and protecting your home from water damage 24/7.

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