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DROP Water Filters

Pure, great-tasting water can be available at every faucet in your home with the DROP whole home water filters. And no more lugging home bottled water, ever. A single whole house cartridge filter will deliver 250,000 gallons of pure water before requiring replacement.

DROP Leak Detectors

DROP Leak Detector

Water leaks from a pipe inside the home are the second most common homeowners insurance claim. But with the DROP leak detector, you never need to worry about a leaking pipe again. These innovative devices can shut off the water supply to the house when a threat is detected to save you tens of thousands of dollars in water damage.



 This smart hub is the brains of the DROP water management system that can integrate all your water system devices for easy monitoring and added prevention of water damage to your home. Install the DROP app on your phone or tablet and have access to this device from anywhere in the world that you have an Internet connection for added peace of mind.

DROP Water Softeners

Drop Water Softeners

This whole house water softener is good for your skin, hair, and plumbing fixtures. And it can be monitored and controlled remotely via the DROP app and your favorite mobile device. And no more guessing about when to add salt or clean the machine as it will notify you of its needs.


DROP Home Protection Valve

This amazing device can sense issues like a leaky toilet, dripping faucet, or leaking pipe inside your home. And when paired with a DROP leak detector, it can automatically shut off the water to prevent even the slightest amount of water damage to your home or belongings and eliminate water waste.


DROP Remote

This small remote lets you turn off the water in your home with the push of a button when alerted of a leak. It also provides system status alerts and events to keep you apprised of any water-related issues in your home.


DROP Pump Controller

This cutting-edge device monitors the water flow in your home and will set off an alert when there is excessive water use in the house. Typical events that cause an alert are a burst water line, damaged appliance, or broken water value. When used with the complete DROP system, you can remotely shut off the water to your house.


DROP Salt Sensor

This sensor comes standard on the DROP water softener to alert you when the unit is low on salt. In addition, it can be added to your current water softener and integrated into a complete DROP system for easy access to system information and service notifications regarding low salt. Just order the correctly sized unit for your water softeners brine well, and you will never need to worry about running out of salt again.


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