DROP Commercial Products

DROP Commercial Products

Many customers wonder if it is possible to find a water treatment system for a larger house or commercial facility that offers all the features and functions of those designed for typical residential settings. The team at Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains is happy to announce that DROP Commercial Water Treatment products are now filling that void. Your Hastings business or larger home in Bloomington can now enjoy the same amazing benefits of the DROP residential systems but with the added volume and capacity that you need. Just call 612-340-1444 to learn more from the DROP experts at Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drain.

Meet The DROP ProPlex

The DROP ProPlex uses progressive flow technology to deliver a system that requires much less plumbing and wiring than previous commercial water systems. The control valves are outfitted with pistons that eliminate added meters and external valves. In addition, thanks to wireless monitoring and control, there is no need for interconnection with cables and a master controller.

The DROPLink wireless technology allows for water softeners and filters to be seamlessly integrated for all the functions you want for your more extensive water system without adding maintenance and installation issues. In addition, each tank is monitored independently and automatically taken offline to regenerate as needed. And multiple fail-safes prevent hard water from contaminating the service side of the system.

Massive Scalability

If you are unsure how large your commercial property or estate might grow, the DROP Commercial system is the perfect choice. The system is designed to accommodate:

  • 12 water softeners
  • 12 iron filters
  • 12 sediment filters
  • 12 other water treatment devices

This equipment can be operated in unison with only a single DROP Hub, providing the most all-inclusive leak protection and peace of mind for a commercial water system.

Why Choose DROP

Hard water is a serious issue in both residential and commercial settings. If your business is operating any equipment that uses water, DROP filtration and water treatment will add years to the life expectancy of the equipment as compared to using hard water. And if your business involves any cleaning with water, you will quickly find that DROP water softeners can improve the cleaning power of your system, making them over ten times as effective.

Going Green With DROP

Many businesses are increasing their focus on how they impact the environment. But it can be challenging to determine where water is being used effectively and efficiently and where it is being wasted. The technology and tools integrated into the DROP system allow management to review water consumption and historical records to determine how to make smart choices about conserving water at their commercial facilities. This is an essential step in wisely using one of the world’s most valuable limited resources.

At Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drain, we understand that your business needs reliable water service and equipment that can be depended on for longevity and value. Therefore, we welcome your calls to 612-340-1444 so that we can introduce you to the innovative and versatile line of DROP Commercial Products.


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