Commercial Plumbing

As the owner or manager of a commercial property, you need to know that there are several significant differences between your commercial plumbing system and those in a residential setting. So it is essential that you have a licensed commercial plumber ready to assist you when there is an issue with anything from a malfunctioning toilet to a problem with a massive commercial water heater. It is also vital for you to fully grasp all the differences in your commercial plumbing to ensure that you always have the right professional on speed dial when there is a plumbing problem.

What Sets Commercial Plumbing Apart From Residential Systems

Many consumers think that plumbing is all the same. It is just a system to manage water and drainage. However, that is just the beginning of what is encompassed when you hear the term plumbing. And when you are talking about commercial plumbing as it compares to residential, there are three primary differences.

  1. Sheer Size – The size of the components in a commercial plumbing system is mammoth compared to the items found in a residential plumbing system. That larger size means a licensed commercial plumber is prepared with tools that are the right size for these bigger jobs. Even something as simple as loosening the threads on a valve can be complex when it is six or even ten times larger than those used inside a house. Having experience and expertise in working with these much larger components is essential. And that only comes when you hire a licensed commercial plumber.
  2. Complexity – Larger pipes also mean that the entire commercial plumbing system is much more complex. For example, a water line in your house only supplies one toilet. But in a commercial property, that leaking pipe could be supplying dozens. A commercial plumber needs to understand the impact of each pipe, fitting, and valve on the entire commercial system before beginning a repair or replacement.
  3. Significantly Increased Risk – When a small water line breaks, a flood of water could quickly cover the floor. However, when a commercial water line breaks, the entire mall, apartment complex, or office building can flood in seconds. And because of the potential for danger and hazards associated with commercial plumbing, some extensive codes and regulations apply only to commercial properties. When you hire a plumber for your commercial property, it is essential that the person knows and follows all of the guidelines and rules that will protect the health and safety of you, your tenants, and the general public.

As with many professions, plumbing has a few specialties, and one of them is commercial plumbing. At Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains, we employ a full staff of licensed plumbers, including fully licensed commercial plumbers. We know the value of having the right person for each job. And we appreciate that you are entrusting the safety and function of your commercial property to our experts. Call 612-340-1444 to schedule an appointment with Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drain commercial plumbing professional, or for commercial emergency service at your property.



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