Clogged Drains

Many Stillwater residents believe that clogged drains are just part of life. But the team at Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains wants every homeowner from Anoka to St. Paul to know that most drain clogs are avoidable when you follow a few simple tips from our pros. And should you discover a clogged drain in your Hastings home, our crew offers several environmentally friendly and safe solutions to your drain woes. And none of them involve the caustic acid found in chemical drain cleaners. Give us a call at 612-340-1444 at the first sign of a slow clearing drain, and we will remove the clog without any damage to your home's drain lines or toxic chemical fumes in your home.

Diagram of a clogged drain

Understanding The Anatomy Of A Drain Clog

Drain clogs are not all that mysterious once you understand what causes them. In the perfect world, there would be nothing flowing through your home's drain pipes but water. However, that is not a realistic or achievable goal. So you need to know what to eliminate from your drains to avoid clogs.

Grease and oil are the number one clog creators in every home. Used cooking oil, grease rinsed from dishes and cookware, and pieces of fat all leave a sticky residue inside your home's drain pipes. And as that residue builds up, it begins to trap food waste, dirt, and other particles that should be flowing through the drains to the city sewer system. Then add in a little loose hair, and you have a nasty clog.

How To Reduce Clogs

Limiting the amount of grease and oil in your drain lines is the first step to eliminating frustrating drain clogs. Pour used cooking oil into a jar or can that can be disposed of in the trashcan. And wipe oil and grease out of cookware with a paper towel before washing.

The second step involves a tiny mesh screen to keep food waste and debris from washing down the drain. These screens sit over the drain and catch everything from stray hairs to bits of dirt and soap. By eliminating these bits and chunks of waste, you eliminate the items that will get stuck in your drain pipe residue and form clogs.

Regular Care

You can't eliminate the sticky residue in your home's drain lines, but the Paul Bunyan team can take care of that for you. We use BioOne, a natural biological drain cleaner that is safe for your home's drains and the environment. One cleaning a year will help prevent drain clogs and remove the odor-causing greasy residue. And you will never need to worry about having a house full of awful fumes after a Paul Bunyan drain cleaning.

It Is Never Too Late

If you have a stubborn drain clog, call 612-340-1444 to schedule a hydro jet clog removal. Our experts use nothing but high-pressure water to blast away the clog. Then a BioOne drain cleaning will remove all the remaining residue to keep your home's drains clog-free.


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