Give Your Home’s Plumbing a Bit of Time and Attention for Your Own Peace of Mind | Insight from Your Trusted Minneapolis, MN Plumbing Service Provider

We Can Help You Prevent Emergency Plumbing Calls If you’re a new Minneapolis, MN homeowner or just lucky enough to avoid plumbing problems, the subject of plumbing-related disasters might not be compelling to you. That’s ok, plumbing is supposed to just function quietly and efficiently in the background. But when it doesn’t look out! Wet … Read More >


Fast, Affordable Water Line Repairs | Minneapolis, MN

Many homes and businesses in Minneapolis, MN, have issues with their water lines. Leaky, defective pipes may be hard to locate and fix. However, ignoring the problem can skyrocket your water bill, cause a sinkhole on your property and damage your foundation. At Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains, we believe in sharing information to help … Read More >


What Your Plumber Wants You To Know About Leaks | St. Paul, MN

When it comes to leaks there are actually a number of things that could tell you there’s a problem. And you absolutely want to know as soon as there’s a problem. So, what do you do? Well, you should be paying attention to these factors and just what your plumber would tell you about leaks … Read More >

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