BioOne Drain Cleaner and Benefits

Care for your home and sewer lines while protecting the environment with BioOne. Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains provides a safe and effective solution for wastewater.

What is BioOne?

BioOne is a product designed to degrade contaminants in your wastewater. It can be used in septic tanks, grease traps, drain lines and more without negatively impacting the environment. It is the safest solution for degrading fats, grease and oils that go down the drain. You can use it to restore the normal flow of drain lines and grease traps while safely using it in septic systems.

Even though BioOne isn’t a food product, it still is developed to those standards. Each batch must pass more than 100 quality control checks and is ready to use. This all-natural product was recognized by the US EPA Safer Choice Program. Since it’s made from nature, BioOne is non-hazardous and safe for people and pets as well as pipes and the environment.

The formula for BioOne is patented, making it a unique solution on the market today. While it’s safe to use, it’s also strong enough to handle the harshest conditions found in commercial kitchens. No mixing is needed, making it a simple and easy to use solution. Unlike degreasers, which just move the grease to a new location, BioOne eliminates the grease completely.

You can purchase a liquid of powder form of BioOne from Paul Bunyan for $69. Buy one or more at a discount. The more you buy, the more you save. And best of all, it keeps your pipes and drain systems working the way they should to reduce the need for costly plumbing calls.

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