Back Ups

Back Ups

When your home uses a septic system rather than a municipal sewer system, it is vital to understand the indications of an issue. Unlike when there is a problem with the city sewers, problems with a septic system are your responsibility. So you want to spot the indications of a challenge before it becomes a massive and costly situation to have repaired. These five hints of backups can alert you to a minor setback before the real mess occurs.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are common in most households. However, when you have a septic system, you are typically much more careful about what you wash down the drain than someone using a city sewer system. So these common drain clogs are much more telling to you. When you notice that a sink or tub drain is clearing more slowly than it did in the past, the issue could be an obstruction in the drain line, damage to the drainpipe, or even settling of the pipe that created a low spot. All of these are issues that can be located and corrected by the experts at Paul Bunyan before you find a complete blockage flooding your home with raw sewage.

Sewage Backup

A sewage backup is usually phase two when you overlook a slow clearing drain. You will discover filthy black water bubbling up in the bathtub or the lowest drain in the house. At this point, there are no DIY solutions, and a call to 612-340-1444 is needed quickly to prevent additional flooding and contamination of your home.

A Flood On The Ground Near The Septic Tank

It should not be too difficult to distinguish between standing groundwater and raw sewage near your septic tank. If the water is dark and smells foul, it is sure to be coming from the septic system. It could result from a leak in the line from your house to the tank, a tank overflow, or a leak from the leech field. Calling in the septic tank experts at Paul Bunyan Plumbing and Drains is the only way to locate the issue and correct it before the contaminated sewage leaks further around your property.

Bad Odors

If there is a foul odor lingering around your yard or the septic tank or leech field, chances are good there is a problem. A healthy and well-cared-for septic system is odorless thanks to the job of the good bacteria and design of the system. When the stench is between your house and the septic tank, you can almost always count on a leak in the pipe carrying waste to the tank. Likewise, if the odor is strong beyond the tank or near the leech field, you can count on that area being the leak's location.

Overly Lush Grass

Discovering a patch of overly lush green grass pinpoints a leak in your septic system. The human waste is super fertilizing the grass and will help the pros at Paul Bunyan locate and repair the leak quickly. Call 612-340-1444 for fast and affordable repair service and eliminate that messy leak.


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