Tips for Avoiding Plumbing & HVAC Headaches in the New Year

Babe and I have been working together for a long time. We were loggers together. We drilled for oil together. We even discovered the Whirling Whimpus together. Now, we’re teaming up again to provide legendary service and solutions to our neighbors across Minneapolis, MN. Together, we’ve compiled some tips to help you avoid common plumbing … Read More >

What’s That Gurgling Noise in My Sink?

When you turn on your sink, on occasion, you’ll hear a gurgling sound come from your drain. While sometimes it subsides after a few days, if it becomes a constant, there may be more substantial issues, like clogged drains and plumbing backups, soon to follow. Here are what causes this persistent noise and when you … Read More >

Why’s My Toilet Making That Noise?

A noisy toilet is easy enough to ignore at first, but some nights, it’s enough to keep you from sleeping. Each sound signifies a problem that usually requires repair. By understanding what these different sounds mean, your plumber can diagnose the issue and make repairs faster.   Common Reasons for Toilets to Make Noise 1. Dripping … Read More >

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