4 Plumbing Noises You Never Want to Hear

When you turn on a faucet or flush your toilet, the only thing you want to hear is running water. But sometimes, your plumbing makes strange sounds. Some are easy to identify and locate, while others hide behind your wall. Each sound has a different cause—from leaks to limescale sediment—but they’re all signs that your … Read More >

Can You Use Drano® in Your Toilet?

When toilets get clogged, most people automatically reach for Drano. It’s known for quickly and easily removing clogs. While Drano works on some drains, it’s not an effective way of solving your plumbing problems. It can not only damage your toilet but also all of the other drains it’s exposed to.  How Does Drano Work? … Read More >

Can Coffee Grounds Go Down the Drain?

A common myth for cleaning and deodorizing your disposal is dumping coffee grounds down your drain. While it is true that this morning essential can eliminate pesky odors, they will wreak havoc on your pipes. Here are why coffee grounds can hurt your plumbing as well as alternatives for disposing of them. What Happens When … Read More >

Winter is coming – What to do if your pipe bursts

Minnesota knows a thing or two about cold winters. Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox experienced winters so cold the snow turned blue. The winds were so strong, the geese flew backward. While the geese don’t fly backward these days, the winters in Minnesota are still cold enough to cause the pipes in your … Read More >

How to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

The state of Minnesota offers incentives and rebates for energy-efficient homes. Like their home state, Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox love solving efficiency problems. When the Wisconsin River was blocked by a logjam, the people at the river’s basin weren’t getting enough water. Together, Paul and Babe broke through the blockage, providing water … Read More >

Paul Debunks Common Plumbing Myths

I know a thing or two about myths. I’ve encountered my fair share over the years. Heck, some people even say I’m a myth. I never saw myself that way—just someone who likes to lend a helping hand. Plumbing has its fair share of myths too. But these myths are more than pieces of misinformation—they … Read More >

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